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Cats Make Everything Better. Especially Yoga.


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Fact: Cats make everything better.

Here at Meowingtons, we've always been of the opinion that cats make everything better. So when the Miami-Dade Animal Services teamed up with greenmonkey® Yoga to host "Meowmaste," a yoga class featuring some of their adoptable kittens ... It was time to break out the yoga mats and pet some cats.

Pictured above is Mish! He's still up for adoption, contact Miami-Dade Animal Services or his foster mom, for more info!

ALSO FACT: Cats are pretty much natural yoga experts.

Green Monkey yoga instructor Marrisa Lew led the 45-minute class, aided by one of the shelter's many adoptable kittens.

Pictured above is Mila! She's still up for adoption. Contact Miami-Dade Animal Services or her foster mom for more info!

"Here, I help you work on your Bridge Pose, hoomin."

Participants laid out their yoga mats among the literal playground that was put out for the kittens; but as the class started, the toys were abandoned and the ladies became kitten playgrounds instead.

Child's Pose ... or Kitten's Pose?

In an interview, Marrisa Lew told CBS Miami that, “From almost a psychological standpoint, [yoga] really helps the animals calm down. It helps the humans calm down."

ICYMI: June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!

June is in the middle of "Kitten Season," so shelters all across the US are flooded with kittens in need of homes. June also happens to be Adopt a Shelter Cat Month! Talk about purrfect timing.

Anywhere from 28,000-30,000 animals a year stream into the Miami-Dade Animal Services facility, so spreading awareness and participation in adoption is paramount. And what better way to encourage adoption than getting to know the animals on a more personal level?

Take me home, please?

Interested in adopting one of the cute 'n cuddly kittens featured in these photos or getting your yoga on with some cats? You can find out more about Miami-Dade Animal Services' upcoming pet adoption events on their site, or find events closer to you! Each yoga class is $20, reservations are required (and they fill up quick)! All the proceeds go directly to the shelter to help other cats in need.

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