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11 Reasons Why The Meower Rangers Are The Heroes We Need Right Meow

The Power Rangers have morphed into cats, and it's purrfect.

1. The Meower Rangers are an elite force of kitties with cattitude!

2. There are five rangers, played by a diverse cast of cat actors, like Frankie, who plays "Jassssson," the fearless feline leader.

Or Lola, who plays "Trrrini."

"Zzzzack" is played by Gizmo.

The lovely Ginger plays "Kimpuuurly."

And then there's "Billllly," who is prone to catnaps and played by Peanut.

3. The gang is led by a wise and powerful fish wizard named "Zzzordon."

4. Or, as Billllly likes to call him, "Fish Zordon."

5. They may at first appear to be a normal bunch of cats...

6. But when it's meowphin time, you know they're ready to purrform!

7. Unless, of course, it’s chalupa day at the Meower Rangers Catmand Center.

8. The Rangers are known to get into some hairy situations.

9. But fur real, the group's most formidable foe might be their own penchant for napping before missions.

10. When naptime is over though, it's time to get pur-rocious!

11. And when the gang's all together, nobody can stop the Meower Rangers!

All images courtesy of SCG Power Rangers LLC.

It's Meowphin Time! To see the Meower Rangers' misadventures, teleport yourself to YouTube!

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