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What's One Song That Never Fails To Make You Happy?

Music can be a great way to cure the blues. Celebrate happiness and positivity with Mentos. What's a song that makes you feel happy? Add yours to this post, and we can create a happiness playlist together! Like our Facebook to learn more about the fresh, positive way of life from Mentos.

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  • Here are some picks from the editors at BuzzFeed to help you get started.

  • Tag Team - "Whoomp There It Is"

  • Electric Light Orchestra - "Mr. Blue Sky"

  • Third Eye Blind - "Semi-Charmed Life"

  • Harvey Danger - "Flagpole Sitta"

  • The Cool Kids - "Black Mags"

  • The Lovin' Spoonful - "What A Day For A Daydream"

  • The Beatles - "Obla Di Obla Da"