The Happiest People On Earth

Don’t you wish you could be as happy as these people? You can! Be like Dragee and live the fresh, positive Mentos way of life. Like Mentos on Facebook to learn more.

1. This boy on this birthday.

2. Happy Birthday Baby!

3. Cookie Monster after getting a huge cookie!

4. The audience on "Oprah's Favorite Things."

5. This baby on rollerskates.

6. Lily, after finding out she was going to Disneyland

7. This satisfied baby.

8. The laughing yoga man

9. Happiness in a nutshell.

10. Happy Japanese kids at McDonalds!

11. These fans meeting Justin Bieber.

12. This boy about to make a cake.

13. This boy with a HUGE Nutella jar.

14. These cute little kids who got their first kiss.

15. This girl on a giant moose pillow.

16. This baby rocking out to Kid Cudi.

17. Kermit the Frog


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