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All Awkward People Know They Do These 12 Things When They Meet Others

Turn awkward meetings into Fresh Connections with Mentos Gum.

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1. Mistakenly thinking they're waving at you and not the person next to you.

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2. Mistaking their handshake for a hug.

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3. Holding that hug for just a liiittle too long.

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4. Saying, "Good. How are you?" after they responded, "Good. How are you?"

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5. Rambling about how you're doing as if they already want to know about the drama in your life.

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6. Asking where they're from and thinking of people you might know from their hometown.

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7. Saying, "What?" even though you could hear them.

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8. Not saying, "What?" when you definitely couldn't hear them.

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9. Laughing because you couldn't understand what they said and assumed it was a joke.

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10. Being super wrong about assuming what they said was a joke.

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11. Forgetting that you already posed the question and asking them where they're from again.

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12. Not being able to think of anything to talk about and asking them something too personal like how old they are or what their SSN is.

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While it’s hard to avoid being awkward when meeting a new person, Mentos Gum makes it easy to make a Fresh Connection.