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8 Incredible Traffic Close Calls

You could call it luck or divine intervention, but these people were in the right place at the right time. Hold your breath, watch these heart-stopping clips, and thank your lucky stars that you weren't in that situation too! Here's to living a fresh and positive life, from Mentos.

  • 1. A Very Close Call

  • 2. Dragee Tries To Evade Cars On A Two Way Street

    Alright, so he didn't evade the traffic, but he's still seeing the sunny side of things!

    Meet Dragee. Part Zen master, part inspirational leader, part unknown entity. He's got a positive outlook on life, and you can too with Mentos.

  • 3. Watch Out For Flying Cars!

  • 4. Dodging A Speeding Bus

  • 5. Running A Red Light

  • 6. Running Away From Car Accident

  • 7. Very very close call

  • 8. Amazing Car Accident Survival