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[Vaccinology Project]: How To Save A Life

The intent of this assignment is to clarify some questions regarding vaccinations through the use of primary articles and human narratives.

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How To Save A Life

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“Nicki called us the morning of Mother’s Day to say that she had a headache, sore throat, and ached all over, and had a temperature of 100.8oC”

Meningitis is a potentially fatal inflammation of a person’s brain and spinal cord. Over the years, there have been multiple outbreaks on college campuses.

“She fought us in our attempt to get her out of bed because her body ached- it just hurt to touch her. We noticed a purple spot about the size of a dime on her middle finger but she had no idea of its cause.”

A number of vaccines have been created to combat its fast destruction of the body. Unfortunately, some believe that these vaccines are not essential unless a pressing fear of an outbreak is present.

“Her color was pale and her face carried a blank expression. She was in constant motion with pain, her breathing was labored, her feet were very cold and the purple spot on the tip of her finger now engulfed her entire finger.”

If so, are vaccines capable of preventing the disease once a person has been exposed?

“We were hanging on to dear life and it was slipping away rapidly. Nicki’s eyes were beginning to roll back into her head and she was not responding to our voice or touch.”

Studies have shown that post-exposure vaccinations have the ability of reducing the severity of the disease once a patient is symptomatic. Now, I am not disregarding the importance of this data for non-fatal disease; however, a person’s immune system experiences a 4 to 7 day delay to create antibodies sufficient enough to fight off an infection. Post exposure vaccination for rapidly infectious diseases may not be beneficial in decreasing symptoms or even death of an individual.

“She took one big breath and then no more.”

15 short hours is all it took for 22 year-old Nicole to succumb to the deadly bacterial meningitis. So why wait until there is a dire need to immunize rather than proactive vaccinations?

“If we had known about the vaccine, our daughter would be celebrating life today. Please immunize your loved ones because there is no getting over the loss of a child”

To learn more about the Meningitis Vaccine and other vaccines, visit the CDC website on

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