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    • Memnoch

      Lets start at the beginning i guess. When i was born i was born with something called Pyloric Stenosis. This is a birth defect where the outlet to the stomache is smaller than it should be and no food passes through. When my parents could not get food in me and my projectile vomiting got so bad that it bruised my mothers chest they took me to the hospital (two weeks old at this point). The doctors told my parents that if they had waited another day i would have died. They opperated.  When i was two months old my grandmothers jack russel got jealous and decided to take a bite out of me. It went for my face and it got a kanine in the corner of my left eye socket where your eye meets you nose and its lower kanine entered just on my cheekbone below my left eye.  Hurnier at age 9 - not life threatening no but it reopend the scar from my opperation at two weeks old.  Age 14 / 15 i got TB from the Jab that is supposed to innoculate you from it. That was fun and came with a tablet form course of chemo consisting of 7 tablets a day four of which had dye in to make my urine orange.  Now at age 27 i think i may have a collapsed bowel / something far more serious that i keep putting off going to the doctors with. Ive been through enough already :-( i have a appointment booked on friday…. I am going to attend it.

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