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    Scumbag Steve Says He Showers Every Day

    Blake Boston, also known as "Scumbag Steve", responded to his newfound Internet fame in an interview on Know Your Meme, and provided some of the best answers I've ever seen. Here are some of my favorite outtakes!

    • "I'm a clean mothafucka, cuz I shower everyday."

    • "Those pics on Myspace are all from my mom. She thought she would do me a solid by makin that shit."

    • "Who the fuck knew what a meme was?"

    • "I dressed hip hop and was the first kid to wear a flat bill to school, which I got ragged on everyday."

    • "Was I a douche bag? Yah, I guess."

    • "I'm a fat fuck now and Im older than the pics."

    • "Still dont know what lulz is and Im not gonna wiki it cuz I'm tired but Reddit is the shit."

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