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10 Best Poorly Dressed Images

Here are some of the best pictures from Poorly Dressed.

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  • 1. Thong Man

    This is just begging for a wedgie.

  • 2. Narcissistic Shirt Guy

    Yo dawg I heard you like yourself...

  • 3. Draenei Leg Man


  • 4. WTF Couple

    Do not get stuck alone in a room with these two.

  • 5. Tetris Hair

    This is the coolest haircut I have ever seen.

  • 6. Popped Collar Mullet Clan

    Someone give this family their own reality show please.

  • 7. Apple Fanboy

    This is actually normal casual wear for an Apple fanboy.

  • 8. Orange Bro

    This is what I imagine when I think of LA.

  • 9. Hipster-Bro Hybrid

    This guy is sporting an ironic stash with a hipster mullet, a popped collar, and a matching chihuahua. Is this what it takes to be cool these days?

  • 10. Zoidberg Mask

    Pure awesome.