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How To Deal With Living With Your Friends

Living with people can be hard.

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Stand your ground.


Don't be afraid to say what you want to say. If you don't you'll end up resenting them in the future. Tension will build up and you'll explode out of no where! Get it out before you blow up in their face.

Separate the people from the problem.


Living with people can destroy friendships. You have to realize it's not them you don't like, it's their clothes all over the house or their dirty dishes in the sink. When something's bothering you, you have 2 choices. Either you let it go because it's not that important, or you say something. Make up your mind!

Be upfront.


Don't talk to other people about the problem, talk to the person causing the problem. Don't gang up on the person, that'll cause more problems. And your friends can tell if you're upset with them so if they ask, don't lie just be honest!

Know when your friends need some space.


Sometimes your friends/roommates will want you to come comfort them when they're upset, and sometimes they wont. People need time to be on their own sometimes, let them have their space, they'll let you know when they need you.

Give yourself some space too.


Go for a walk outside, go to the gym, go to the nearest coffee shop. Get out of your house/apartment at least once a day and do something for yourself. Sometimes you need to be alone to really clear your head. Get outta there! Your friends will be there when you come back.

Respect their things.


Nothing's worse than when you get something back that's totally ruined. Whether you're borrowing clothes, a costume, shoes, or anything really, make sure you give it back to your roommate in the same or better condition than when they let you borrow it. If you ruin it you better get them another one!

Learn to accept people for who they are.


Living with people can be hard, but it doesn't have to be. Part of growing up is learning how to deal with people, so just do it! Especially if these are your friends who you're living with, take them for the good and the bad. If you accept people for who they are it'll make living with them a lot easier.

Enjoy having your friends as roommates!


You have plenty of time later on to live alone. Enjoy living with your friends, they're your friends! It's always a party when you're living with people you love. You'll always have someone to come home and talk to, the extra closets means more options, and there's never a dull moment. Don't let living together ruin any friendships, it's not worth it. Never take them for granted, life would be way too boring without them!

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