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20 Things College Freshmen Struggle With

We've all been there.

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1. Having no one to eat with at the dining hall.

uhhh can you say Steven Glansberg status?
Sony Pictures / Via

uhhh can you say Steven Glansberg status?

2. This is your only option outside of the dining hall.



3. Not having your parents to tend to your every need.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Time to get your own condoms I guess.

4. Realizing school is actually hard...

Fox / Via

This ain't high school anymore.

5. ...and that you have to actually go to class.

Warner Bros. / Via

Well, at least sometimes?

6. Trying to put up the best pics to show all your high school friends how much fun you're having.


Even if you're not having the best time ever, you're going to make the world think you are.

7. Spending all your money on alcohol...


(Not your smartest decision.)

8. ...and then being broke all the time.

Universal Pictures / Via

9. Getting too drunk. Embarrassingly drunk.


When the pregame lasts longer than the party it's always bad news.

10. Being beyond mortified by whatever you did the night before.

Warner Bros. / Via

11. Plus not remembering what it's like to wake up without a hangover.

Nickelodeon / Via

You literally don't remember what it's like to not be tired.

12. Avoiding getting caught by your RA.

Fox / Via

Ain't nobody got time to get written up.

13. Trying not to gain the freshmen 15.

Paramount / Via

Let's face it though, all those pizza, burgers, and burritos were totally worth it.

14. Awkwardly trying to make friends.


When was the last time you had to make friends? Like 13 years ago!!! No one remembers how to do it.

15. Learning how to live with someone else.

NBC / Via

In a very small dorm room.

16. Trying to sneak around your room when your roommate has someone over...

Universal Pictures / Via

17. ...and realizing there's no such thing as alone time anymore.

BBC / Via


18. You used to know everyone at your high school...

Universal Pictures / Via

...but now you don't know anyone wherever you go.

Focus Features / Via

So many people everywhere.

19. All the older students look intimidating.

Nickelodeon / Via

College freshmen and college seniors are entirely different species.

20. Mostly, though, you are lost ALL THE TIME.


Where's this class? Or this building? Or my dorm?

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