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5 Things You Need To Know Before Owning A Corgi

Just FYI, getting a new dog can be, well.. ruff.

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Let's be real, guys. We've all scrolled down our Instagram explore pages and found a video of a corgi puppy looking so disproportionally adorable. Then the next thing you know, you've spent an hour and a half stalking a corgi insta account and you're convinced. You're getting a corgi. It's a done deal.

Slow your roll just a little. / Via GIPHY

Getting a new dog can really be a challenge, especially for those who've never owned a pet before. But if your heart's desire truly is to own a little floofball of a corgi, then here are just a few things I've learned about owning a corgi from my own experience.

1. BEWARE OF THE FLOOF. / Via Instagram @lokistagram

I absolutely love my corgi's coat. But despite it being so luxuriously soft and thick, I had no idea that corgis shed SO MUCH.

So. Damn. Much.

No matter how much I vacuum, my house is covered in fur. Once, I even took my corgi to a groomers. Then when I came to pick him up, they told me that his fur clogged their vacuum twice and stuffed up their air conditioning unit... oops.

You've been warned, my friend.

2. Corgis are all bark and EVEN MORE bark. / Via GIPHY

You might want to invest in some earplugs along with that new super suction vacuum you're going to have to buy. Corgis will bark your ears off more than that obnoxious aunt that you only see during the holidays.

You. Your friends. Your family. Other Dogs. Trees. Bugs. Squirrels. Planes. Food. Poop. Just Everything. They bark at everything...

3. Once you adopt a corgi, you then officially become part of the unofficial corgi club.

Melanie Shrock, Marielle Shrock / Via Instagram

Yes, the corgi community is a thing, and it's actually pretty large. Long before the corgi hype, there were these breeders. They live and breathe corgi knowledge, kinda like corgi sages. They'll go to dog shows, competitions, conventions, and even city events hosted in appreciation of the dog breed. (i.e. Corgi Beach Day).

It's a lifestyle. People live to breed and care for these dogs, and now you've been initiated.

Corgi club? Corgi community? Corgi cult? Call it what you want, but you're a member now. Congratulations.

4. Being disproportional has its downs.


Why do we love corgis so much? Well, it's mostly because their bodies are just so... odd. They're like furry wiener dogs with taller ears, no tail, and round rumps of fuzz. It's a little mind boggling how their tiny little limbs can hold up their quite husky body (heh, dog pun).

Even though corgis are known to be a little hefty, their body weight should be managed and eyed on frequently. Due to their odd proportions, corgis are already prone to intervertebral disc disease, hip dysplasia, and some minor issues like epilepsy. However, keeping their weight in check helps prevent and postpone these problems.

Everyone loves a little chubby corgster, but even corgis need to count calories from time to time.

5. You will never ever regret a moment with your pup.


Once you get your own corgi, you'll realize that dogs really are a man's (and woman's) best friend. I guarantee, you'll look back on adopting your dog as one of the best decisions you've ever made. You'll be tail waggin' in no time.

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