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5 Possible Burger Toppings To Take Your In-N-Out Burger To The Next Level

Is it possible? Could we make In-N-Out any more perfect than it already is?

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But dare I ask, could we make an animal style burger any better?

1. Bacon


There's an old saying that goes, "Bacon is the sh*t."

'Tis. We can all agree on this. When you add bacon to anything, it instantly tastes better. Everything about bacon is a little sensual too, don't you think? From the sizzling and crackling it makes while frying on a hot stove to it's sweet bacon-y aroma...

Now imagine THAT chopped up and sprinkled on top of animal fries or wedged inside your burger...

2. Sriracha


This one is for all the fellow spice lovers out there.

Sriracha chili pepper sauce has blown up over the past few years as one of the most popular spicy condiments. If you're looking to add a little kick to your patty, why not add a few squeezes of this favorite hot sauce?

Of course, you could really use any hot sauce like Tapatio or Tabasco. But Sriracha does incorporate some garlic flavor, which pairs very well with one animal style double-double.

3. Avocados

The Delicious Life / Via

Apparently at one point, there actually was a special at In-N-Out where you could order your burger "California Style". We already know what that means...

Add some creamy avocado on that burger and BAM. Step aside, animal style. We've got a new favorite to take your place. Plus, is anything really a California staple if it doesn't have avocado on it?

4. Anything Fried...

Serious Eats / Via

These are for the big dreamers. The go-getters. The all-or-nothing gang.

Want the whole shebang? Bring on the onion rings, the fried jalapeƱos, the mozzarella sticks, and all of that. Even stuff your fries in the burger if you want because who says you can't?!

Love yourself. But be warned, this is definitely not for the lighthearted.

And last but not least...

if in-n-out slapped an egg on a double double and made it a breakfast burger...

5. An Egg

The Delicious Life / Via

That's right guys. Eggs are tired of being stereotyped as just breakfast food. It's time for them to break out of that shell. Literally.

Put the sucker on a hot stovetop and slide it on top of your burger patty. After this, you won't want to eat any burger unless it has a fried egg on it. It's that good. Seriously, it's no yolk...

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