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Brace Yourself, Graduation Is Coming

The struggle of being two months from finishing school. It's so close, yet so far away.

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I picked up my cap and gown today.

Four years ago, I was a completely lost freshman at UNC Charlotte with no idea what I wanted to do in life. I changed majors three times, failed plenty of classes and had a mental break down at least once a month. Now, I'm a super senior, still struggling with my post-grad career plans, but more relaxed with fewer panic attacks. I didn't know this nostalgic feeling was going to hit me so quickly.

But wait...It's still not going to be easy to make it to December 17th.

I just realized I have at least ten more exams before finals week even starts. Papers are due every week. Homework is due every week. Rent isn't going to pay itself, so how am I going to get through the next two months alive? WHY DID I SAVE MY LAST SEMESTER TO TAKE 18 CREDIT HOURS???

You know what? It's fine, I'M GRADUATING!!

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