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    • melodyh2

      OftenIhave to show up to work sick or injured, becauseIdon’t have health insurance or sick pay and earn less than the teacher so can’t afford to takeaday off. Only to find that the teacherIam subbing for, who has great health insurance, is takingapersonal day but feels that he/she doesn’t need to leave lesson plans. ThenIhave to put up with students who have been told by their teachers that all substitutes are stupid, and that there will be no repercussions when they physically attack me. Then at the end of the day,Iam asked by the office to do supervision or attendameeting, past my legally scheduled day. But ifIactually write the truth on my time card, then they will never hire me again. Because teachers have unions, and substitutes are treated like trash. Teachers, your fools to put down substitutes.

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