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You Probably Do Not Know These Things About Adelaide

Adelaide is a city that is highly popular among tourists given the myriad of attractions it holds. With research and proper planning, one can certainly enjoy the very best of the offerings and indulgences of the city with ease.

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Wine a bit


Have you ever developed a good taste for wine? Or, are you thinking of any particular place to have a good wine session. Well, then you should have Adelaide as the city of your choice. Adelaide is simply a stunning place full of live spirit. If you are staying in Adelaide hotels such as the Oaks Hotels & Resorts – Corporate you will have access to some of the finest restaurants in close proximity.

Vamos a la playa


Whether it is a tram ride to Glenelg or a stroll along the Henley Beach or Semaphore, Adelaide boasts some of the most stunning coastal scenery that you could ever lay eyes on. Some of the city’s best beach hot spots are located on the Fleurieu Peninsula and this includes the Port Willunga, Normanville, Goolwa and the famous Victor Harbor. You could even visit the breathtaking Kangaroo Island where pretty much anywhere you turn there is a stunning beach awaiting you.

Adelaide Central Market

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If you need to see an active Australian market, visit Adelaide Central Market during a school holiday. You will find the market full of activities. You will be simply surprised to learn that this market is one of the world’s oldest indoor markets - at least 140 years old. In South Australia, this market attracts the most number of tourists.

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