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The Must-See Stopovers During Your Walking Tour In Wan Chai

If the enthusiastic and curious traveller in you would rather choose to stroll through the famous Wan Chai district that is famed for swanky shopping areas and towering skyscrapers, there are some stopovers you should not miss.

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Times Square

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Inclusive of everything a shopping-fanatic dreams of, Times Square in Causeway Bay also features several fancy restaurants. Only around a 13-minute walk away from accommodation options in the area such as Cosmo Hotel Wan Chai Hong Kong, the Times Square shopping complex can even be easily accessed through MTR and public transport.

Hopewell Centre


Located on the Queen’s Road on the East of the island, the Hopewell Centre is a towering skyscraper of 64 storeys. The famous revolving restaurant named “Revolving 66” that completes 3600 every hour is located on the 62nd floor of the building. Considered as an iconic construction of the island of Hong Kong, the Hope Centre also includes a mini-sky lobby for two diners.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre


Located in the North on the island of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre was built overlooking the Victoria Harbour on three sides. Linked to many adjoining hotels and industrial constructions, the convention centre features a glass curtain inside the structure, which was the largest in the world at the time it was constructed.

Central Plaza


Famed as the third tallest skyscraper on the island, the Central Plaza located on the Harbour Road in Wan Chai features 78 storeys. Triangular in shape, the highlight of the skyscraper is the neon clock on the top that displays time in different colours at every fifteen minutes. The world’s highest church, the Sky City Church is located inside the Central Plaza amidst a panoramic spectacle of Hong Kong city.

Noon Day Gun


Placed at an enclosed site near the Typhoon Shelter of Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, this naval artillery gun is currently owned by Jardine Matheson. Known popularly in the island as the Noonday gun, this historically prominent weapon is fired at noon everyday to abide by the order issued by a senior British naval officer.

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