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“Gaalla” AKA Galle, Sri Lanka

Possibly one of the island's most elegant spots since 1588, the Galle Dutch Fort is a testament to Sri Lanka's trifecta of colonization. Located on the South Western tip of Sri Lanka you’ll find everything from well preserved colonial buildings to Sri Lanka’s finest beaches. Strolling along the high rampart walls you will see the Old Dutch and English churches, the Governor's house, the the elegant pillared facade of the old Dutch hospital, the Portuguese Black Fort, the lighthouse, the Clock Tower and much more

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Bon appétit!

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There are great number restaurants in Galle serving a wide range of dishes from traditional Sri Lankan meals to eclectic fusions of Asian and European cuisines. Indulge in local Sri Lankan curries which are renowned for their mix of spicy ingredients, coconut creaminess and fresh vegetables.

Dutch Fort

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Galle’s most striking colonial building is the graceful Dutch Reformed Church. Built from 1750-1755, the church with its baroque façade, is the oldest Protestant church still in use in Sri Lanka The church garden itself is beautiful and haunting, with lush grass in the center flanked wall to wall by stone tablets.

It takes atleast 48 hours to cover a lot in Galle. You might want to plan ahead and look for a villa in Galle or somewhere in downsouth, such as Mosvold Villa to stay the night



A trip to Galle isn’t complete without an evening spent exploring the Lighthouse. Galle lighthouse, also known as Pointe de Galle Light, is believed to be the oldest lighthouse in Sri Lanka, and was built in 1848. It is an onshore structure often flocked to by tourists throughout the year.


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Okay so this is certainly NOT the ordinary way of fishing; fishermen sitting on stilts and balancing 2m above the ocean...Say whaaaaat? I Know Right!? But the best part is when all the fishermen take their perch, it makes for a jaw dropping and spectacular picture.

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