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13 Awful Tweets About Cricketer Jonathan Trott's Mental Health

Cricketer Jonathan Trott has left England's Ashes tour to recover from a health problem described as a "long-standing stress-related condition". So of course, he just needs to man up and grow some balls, right? Erm, no.

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Cricketer Jonathan Trott has left England's Ashes tour to recover from a "long-standing stress-related condition".

Lots has been written recently about changing attitudes to mental illness and the Time to Change campaign. As depression sufferer Alastair Campbell says, "You would never say: 'What does he have to be cancerous about, diabetic about, asthmatic about?', so why do we say 'what does he have to be depressed about?'"

Someone needs to tell these Twitter users.

This guy's Twitter bio says he's at medical school.

When he's a doctor, make sure to only go and see him with real, physical problems like broken bones - none of this made up "mental" illness stuff, yeah?

Wish i too could skip my exam due to ''stress related illness'' !! #Ashes #Trott

— Deepjyoti Bharali (@DeepSpeaksUp) November 25, 2013

Turns out, money cures mental illness.

Has someone told the Nobel prize committee?

@Jonathan_Trott Stress related? Grow some balls you're on 40k a game. #weak

— Tom Bradshaw (@tommybradshaw10) November 25, 2013

English cricketers earn over £250,000 a year just for playing cricket, what the hell would you have to be stressed about? #trott

— Imtiaaz Butt (@ImtiaazButt) November 25, 2013

It's as easy an "manning up" and "growing some"

@warne888 'Stress-related illness' really just means mental weakenss-Trott needs to man-up, not "recover". It's embarrassing, quite frankly

— Harry S (@sportingharry) November 25, 2013

Jonathan #Trott you big wuss. Absolute joke of a cricketer. #theashes #manup #growsome

— MHA (@MHA92_) November 25, 2013

FACT: having a glamorous job makes you invincible

Can traveling the world first class in warm climates playing the sport you love be so tough? Sounds like a good gig to me. #Trott

— ProV1 (@prov1jcb) November 25, 2013

Trott has come home because of stress from cricket #areyoubeingserious #manup playing sport as your job can't be stressful can it?

— Martin Hunn (@MartinHunn88) November 25, 2013

Disappointed with trott, rep your country at cricket is hardly stressful. Rep your country in a war is and I doubt they get sent home

— bridgey (@Bridgey9) November 25, 2013

'Stress related illness' #Trott makes me laugh. It must b really hard playin cricket 4 a living, innit. Joka!!

— Mr Worldwide (@16Hitesh) November 25, 2013


Because, like any illness, whether you suffer from it or not is completely within your control.

Jonathan #trott has a stress related injury? Fear is no reason to leave an ashes series mid way. #coward #Ashes #Ashes2013

— Aamir Malik (@aamirmmalik) November 25, 2013

I will never forgive you Jonathan Trott

— Kyle Gill (@KyleGill3) November 25, 2013

@Jonathan_Trott you've left the team due to 'stress' related problems? You've let your country down. Johnson giving you nightmares?😂

— Aamir (@AShazadx) November 25, 2013

Needless to say...

These tweets are highlighted to show some of the outdated and appalling attitudes that still exist around mental health. I wish Jonathan Trott all the best with his recovery.

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