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    People Are Sharing Things They Think Are Way Overpriced And Honestly, They're Not Wrong

    Not everything is worth the price, and these things totally aren't.

    Let's face it, we've all forked over more cash than we would've liked.

    So, when Reddit user u/dlo_2503 asked which things are the most needlessly expensive, people were quick to respond.

    1. "Anything wedding-related."

    2. "Eyewear. You can buy a cellphone for the same price, yet the price of the material is just a small fraction, and the expertise to make them is not close either."

    Someone selecting a pair of glasses from a display case

    3. "Tampons and pads."

    Someone holding a pad in one hand and a tampon in the other

    4. "Pretty much anything out of a cinema."

    5. "Funerals."

    Mourners around a casket at a funeral

    6. "Housing. My apartment complex is charging over $2,000 for a two bedroom because of 'high demand.'"

    An apartment complex with fire escapes surrounded by trees

    7. "EpiPens."

    Someone holds an EpiPen in their hand

    8. "FLOSS. It's like $13 for a three-pack of floss."

    9. "Violins and other classical string instruments are actually not that expensive to make, yet they sell for thousands."

    10. "Car key fobs."

    A key fob on a table

    11. "Mouth guards."

    Someone holding a dental guard in their hand

    12. And finally, "prescription drugs."

    Various pill bottles

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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