12 Screenshots That Prove Dating With A Disability Is A Nightmare

    "Never seen someone with such nice hair in a wheelchair." Boy, what?

    1. If we don't get asked this one first...

    2. ...then we get asked this:

    3. Seriously.

    4. And... again:

    5. You'd think someone would come up with another question, maybe?

    6. Like, what?

    7. There's nothing to even say about this one:

    8. OMG Karen, you can't just ask people why they're disabled! (Sorry, I had to.)

    9. Well! I guess we need to create a new city, guys!

    10. I've seen worse texts... but "gentle"? Really?

    11. Apparently our wheelchairs affect our hairstyles...?

    12. And the best one of them all. Whatever you do, please don't be this guy: