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    • melissav5

      OMG - YES! Totally agree. I love Ron. He had a good heart, but he was whiny and petulant, and couldn’t have cared less for the things that meant so much to Hermione - namely intellectual pursuits. She deserved better. And don’t get me started on Ginny (and yes, I am talking about the books). She was shallow and boring. The section where she got all snotty with Hermione over quidditch made me dislike her intensely. Harry deserved the best, and that is Hermione. While Ginny was pursuing popularity, and Ron was off pouting about one thing or another, Harry and Hermione stayed together. She was the one who never abandoned him. In the entire series, not putting them together was the ONE thing I couldn’t stand.

    • melissav5

      You realize this is in the LOL section, right? The reason these are on here, is because of how OFTEN teachers hear them, and usually with no basis in fact. We’ve all heard them and know these parent complaints by heart. Even the best teachers are sometimes treated as if we are inconsiderate, unprofessional meanies who hate children, have no skill or learning, and couldn’t possibly be parents ourselves. How can we not understand just how PERFECT little Johnny and Jane are? It is obviously all the TEACHER’S fault! Seriously, some of the responses to this show EXACTLY why teachers get so frustrated! Ever checked out the jokes nurses and doctors post about patient complaints on places like Pinterest? Never heard a contractor vent about that demanding client? Get over yourselves people! Stop acting as if a simple vent session is a personal affront to you and your child!

    • melissav5

      Is it part of the conspiracy that suspect number #2 is seen here with bag down by his feet, standing behind the8year old victim just moments before the bomb went off? Are all the people in Watertown who heard the explosives and saw the initial firefight part of the conspiracy, too?Idon’t meant to be flippant.Iam well aware of many of the things that governments (including ours here in the US) have tried to cover up or instigate, but it’s hard to take serious those who see conspiracy in everything.

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