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7 Celebrity Matches For Frozen’s Queen Elsa

Maybe one of these sultry bachelors can permanently unfreeze her heart.

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So Elsa is now free to do pretty things with ice and all. And we learn that true love between two sisters can be just as strong as love between a man and a woman, yadda yadda yadda. She must still be pretty lonely, though, especially since she has to see her little sis Anna be all lovey-dovey with the adorable and ripped Kristoff. So, let's help our beautiful Disney Frozen Snow Queen out and suggest some sexy single potential suitors to further thaw her icy heart.

1. Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s been known to be a wild-child, which is exactly what Elsa needs. She’s lived her life always playing by the rules. Harry knows how to live as a royal, and he can teach Elsa how to let loose. So he has a girlfriend? I don’t see no ring on her finger! Elsa can take care of that with one icy stare.

2. Ryan Lochte - U.S. Olympic Swimmer

It may be wise for Elsa to go for someone who didn’t grow up in a palace, yet still understands what it feels like for people to hold high expectations of you. And she could do worse than muscular Olympic medalist swimmer Ryan Lochte! It’s pretty convenient too - wherever they go, she could make ice to then melt for him to swim in.

3. Daniel Radcliffe ("Harry Potter")

Daniel and Elsa have a lot in common; they both know what it’s like to be different than the rest. He played Harry Potter, a character who grew up being a wizard in a world of muggles. Daniel also thinks of himself as Jewish and Irish, although he’s English. He also suffers from a neurological disorder. Daniel would totally get why Elsa held herself back from everyone else. He'd help keep her confident enough to stay in the spotlight, and ward off any bad-guys while he's at it.

4. James Franco

With James, Elsa would get the best of both worlds. He’s got the bad boy looks with the good boy intentions. Her heart would melt for his smoldering eyes. And he’s actually a bit of a geek, but hot enough to pull it off. He prefers studying to partying. This is great for Elsa, since she’s used to having alone time.

5. Mark Salling ("Puck" from Glee)

After hiding in her room for all these years and being a Little Miss Perfect, Elsa might want to slum it and let it go with a bad boy like Glee’s Puck. I’d approve, though, since I bet he’s a softy under his bad-boy exterior. And the two would sing great duets together.

6. Prince Carl Philip of Sweden

The Swedish prince is scrumptious and outdoorsy, just like Elsa. He loves skiing, which is perfect for our snow goddess. The rumor is that wedding bells are around the corner for the handsome prince. He hasn’t been introduced to stunning Elsa, though! Her magical powers would turn his world upside down.

7. Javier Fernandez - Spanish Olympic Figure Skater

This Olympic figure skater may not have won a medal this year, but he’s still young. Elsa could teach him a thing or two on the ice, and the sexy Latin lover will be prepared to win gold next year.

No matter which one of these eligible bachelors Elsa ends up choosing, one thing’s for sure – she’ll need to be surprised with a magnificent and unique engagement ring. Obviously she can make one herself out of ice, but that wouldn’t be so fairy-tale-like. Good thing her sister Anna is getting it on with an ice-maker! Elsa’s beau can buy one from Kristoff, who can make an amazing frosty pave ring out of ice, which looks just like this gorgeous James Allen engagement ring.

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