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    You Need To Follow This "Women Against Feminism" Parody Twitter Account

    We all remember the fateful day when Women Against Feminism took the world by storm. Here's an awesome Twitter account that parodies the entire situation.


    i don't need feminiss because i get paid the same as my male colleagues of course then my boss takes out the 'woman tax' but that's standard

    — WomanAgainstFeminism (@NoToFeminism) August 6, 2014


    I don't need femimesm because when men call me a bitch for rejecting them I imagine they mean I'm a female dog that is so nice dogs are cute

    — WomanAgainstFeminism (@NoToFeminism) August 9, 2014


    I don't need femisim because if you don't want to be harassed just don't wear revealing clothes! or any other amount of clothes don't go out

    — WomanAgainstFeminism (@NoToFeminism) August 9, 2014


    I don't need femiesen because if I want to see a movie with a female lead it is easy I just have to close my eyes and make one up in my head

    — WomanAgainstFeminism (@NoToFeminism) August 9, 2014


    I don't need femisne because men who hurt women are allowed to keep playing sport & that's great women are less important than a ball 🏉👍 👩👎

    — WomanAgainstFeminism (@NoToFeminism) August 11, 2014


    I don't need feamenis because i love strong men, my husband pull our car with a rope between his teeth

    — WomanAgainstFeminism (@NoToFeminism) August 6, 2014


    i don't need femimin because i LIKE when men look at me like i am a piece of meat it is like being in a meat zoo and i am the star

    — WomanAgainstFeminism (@NoToFeminism) August 9, 2014


    I don't need femisin because i like when my men are men, i was FURIOUS when my husband turned out to be a possum

    — WomanAgainstFeminism (@NoToFeminism) August 7, 2014


    I don't need fesimnim because I prefer old men to be in charge of my reproductive system it is comforting like putting on grandads cardigan

    — WomanAgainstFeminism (@NoToFeminism) August 7, 2014


    I don't need femsiy because I think a man should pay for the dates and all the other kinds of dried fruit

    — WomanAgainstFeminism (@NoToFeminism) August 8, 2014