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Places In New Jersey You've Probably Never Heard Of (But Should Visit)

There's a lot of hidden treasures in the Armpit of America. So, maybe stop calling it that.

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Twin Lights Lighthouse

Capture This Photography by Laurie Jackson / Via

No, this isn't Medieval Times. It's actually a lighthouse. It rests atop the Atlantic Highlands with breathtaking views of Sandy Hook, NJ and faraway Manhattan & Brooklyn.


Paterson Great Falls

Wikipedia / Via

**Disclaimer** this is not a screenshot from The Lord of the Rings (especially not The Hobbit - but who really is following that series???). This is a 77 foot tall waterfall in Paterson, NJ. It's so spectacular that it's a national park.

Wikipedia / Via

The Falls are a great reminder that New Jersey was a major player in early American history. Here's an engraving of it in the 1700s made by some dude. Do you see a McDonald's in the distance or is that just me?


Historic Cold Spring Village

Press of Atlantic City / Via

"The village is an Early American open-air living history museum that brings to life the day-to-day activities of southern New Jersey residents from 1790-1840." (from Press of Atlantic City)


River Horse Brewing Company


This brewing factory is located in Ewing, NJ. Once a local New Jersey staple, River Horse is now making a name for themselves beyond the state. It's shipped to PA, CT & NY.

River Horse / Via Twitter: @RiverHorseBrew

...and after your tour, you get to taste all of their awesome beers on tap! Some favorites include: Hipp-O-Lantern: Imperial Pumpkin Ale, Tripel Horse: Belgian Style Tripel & the Oatmeal Milk Stout.


And if you don't care about the cool history of the place, then rest assured you will be served insanely good pizza. It was voted the best in the entire state of New Jersey and ranked 18th in the United States. the next time you're in New Jersey...

...and are annoyed by the traffic, smell, people, and everything else you (sometimes maybe) should be legitimately annoyed about, check out these unknown spots.

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