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    7 Unbeatable, Super Fun, Instagram-Worthy Ways To Enjoy Las Vegas

    You don’t have to “sin” in “sin city” just so your vacation can be one of the most memorable, and most Instagram-worthy ones. Here are 7 super fun things we’ve compiled for you!

    1. Laugh your heart out

    2. Go old school – visit Old Vegas and have a dash of nostalgia

    3. Take an 18th century business history class and visit The Neon Museum Las Vegas

    4. Dimsum buffets off the strip

    5. Celebrity chef tours all around the strip

    6. Celebrity DJs and models

    7. No one’s ever too old for a thrill ride

    See, Vegas is not just for gambling, there are other worthwhile places to spend your money at, too!

    Karla Singson / Via
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