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21 Signs You Belong At An Ivy League College

Do you have what it takes?

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1. On any given Saturday night, you'd rather study for the SAT than hang out with your friends.

2. And speaking of the SAT, your score was so good that you seriously considered telling your friends you did worse than you actually did, so they wouldn't feel bad.

3. You did well in high school, except for that one term you totally messed up.

4. You are a black belt, classical musician, opera singer, budding scientist, child of a celebrity or politician, a celebrity yourself, or all of the above.

5. You are comfortable using the word 'regatta' in a sentence.

6. You don't mind eating in a place that once looked like this.

7. And speaking of eating, you're willing to endure a secret interview process in order to determine where on campus you'll take your meals.

8. Watching this makes you break out in hysterical laughter.

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9. And this? This is a riot. Those MIT losers.

10. You could stay up all night debating whether it's ok to let a trolley hit one person, in order to save five.

11. You either don't mind snow, or have decided it's a necessary inconvenience required to obtain your degree and, later, total world domination.

12. You know what these are: Skull & Bones, Fire & Skoal, The Scroll and Key and The Porcellian.

13. You'd like to go to a college that's as old as possible, but you don't want to leave the United States.

14. You have enough self-esteem to not feel intimidated by your classmates, fellow alumni, or even dropouts.

15. You think Stanford is a party school.

16. You're firmly on Team Coco.

17. You've seen The Social Network at least four times, and have well-developed opinions about what Mark Zuckerberg had to go through as an undergrad.

18. You recognize this building.

19. You can complete the phrase "Smith to bed, Wellesley to wed, and Harvard girls..."

20. Your favorite basketball player is...

21. And, finally... you recognize sarcarsm when you see it.

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