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3 Juicing Tips For Beginners

My collection of juicing beginners tips that everyone should know in order to have more pleasant juicing experience.

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Many beginners in juicing face similar challenges at first. Cleaning the juicer takes too much time, it takes too much time for preparation and buying ingredients just for the sake of juicing.

Why Juicing and not eating the fresh fruits?

Having a cup of juice gives you the same amount of nutrients as eating the fruits. Well, not really. The pulpy part of the juice is often a source of valuable fibers. Let’s take the oranges for example. The white part of the orange contains lots of flavonoids which inside your body work together with the vitamin C to support your health. However, you can get flavonoid source from other foods as well. And juicing is easier than eating the fruits. Imagine bringing a bag full of oranges all day long with you – when going to work or to the gym. It’s not convenient. Why bother when you can simply fill up your bottle in the morning?

Mentioning the most important thing, now it’s time to give you my tips for juicing that make my life easier every day. Here they are:

1.Organic fruits are always better

Yes, they can be expensive but what is the point of juicing when instead of vitamins and other healthy nutrients, you consume chemicals and pesticides. Not everything has to be organic but at least the most common ones – apples, strawberries, grapes, spinach, kale, cucumbers. These and a few others are known as the fruits and vegetables which are being treated with pesticides the most.

2.Pick the right juicer

There’s one-fit-all juicer. Each type or model performs better with different types of foods and has pros and cons. Centrifugal juicers, for example, are better with hard foods because of the high RPM they operate at. They get the job done fast but are very noisy and the juice gets spoiled quite fast. Masticating juicers are better with leafy greens which are a source of many valuable nutrients that you can’t find in other foods. Although, the juice yield, and quality are very high, they run quite slow and are very expensive. And of course there are the citrus juicers which are made specifically for citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, etc. Ask yourself what you are going to juice and pick the right juicer. Check what other owners’ experience is with different models on review websites like Juicer Reviews Plus.

3.Use Simple Recipes

Stay away from recipes with more than 8 ingredients. Although they might be good, there is a high chance to make something wrong in which case the taste is ruined and the satisfaction from juicing isn’t so high. Preparing your juice with 3-4 ingredients is more than enough. Think of quality, not quantity. If you use the right fruits and vegetables you can make great tasting juice. You can even spice it up by adding some fresh herbs or spices. Cayenne pepper is a herb I always use with my Gazpacho-like juices. It not only adds great flavor but also is a supply of nutrients that boost your metabolism.

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