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13 Discontinued Australian Icecreams We Wish Still Existed

If someone wants to start a petition for all of these, we won’t be sad about it.

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Soccer Ball Icecreams


Who knows who made these. And really, who cares? It's icecream. In a re-usable ball. Re-usable for basically nothing since it was too light to really be a toy but whatever.

Unidentifiable Alien Ice Squeeze Thing


What are you, squeezy ice thing? Who do you aspire to be in life? We've seen hashtags as "UltraMan" but we aren't convinced.

Streets Boomy


The worst because the stupid fruits always slid off when you started eating them. Mum let you get instead of an ice-block, because fruit shapes = pseudo-health.

Streets Paddle Pop Mud Puddle


How these weren’t single handedly responsible for a diabetes surge in kids of the early 2000’s is beyond us. Basically your sugar intake for ten decades.

Streets Warp


It’s like the Heartbreak High of ice creams – painfully 90s with way too much attitude. Also had ~funky~ competition where you could win a "personal robot slave" which seems like a really bad idea for a gift to a child/teenager.

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