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17 Things You'll Overhear In Bondi That'll Make Your Eyes Roll

"Where do you source your coffee beans?"

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“Is that gluten free?”

“I’m getting my beard trimmed”

“I just have to drop Ziggy to baby Yoga”

“Do they have craft beer?”

“I just started a cleanse”

“I don’t have a TV”

“Can you add some Maca powder?”

“I’m a freelance creative”

“Do you soft sand run?”

“Raising little Namibia macrobiotic vegan was honestly the best decision”

“Is this dress organic cotton?”

“I’ll bring this GREAT artisanal cheese I tried the other day”

“The jeans were $1050 but so worth it, they’re bespoke”

“I buy all my vintage from America”

"Just headed to my Vedic Meditation class"

"This photo will be great on my Instagram"

"They sound so much better on vinyl"

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