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34 Truths Of People Who Live For Food

Food is everything.

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1. You can't stop thinking about food.

2. Counting calories just isn't for you.

4. What better way to spend your money?

5. When it comes to food you wait for nothing.

6. How you decide who's house to go to:

7. Carbs are a love eternal.

8. Your response is likely "YES."

9. If your stomach was a cat.

11. Food is as romantic as it gets for you.

12. Nothing haunts you quite like the things you didn't eat.

13. You ALWAYS have room for dessert.

14. It's simply unacceptable for someone to trespass on your food.

15. You find ways to justify your eating habits.

16. Your version of exercise.

17. You'll drop anything for the opportunity to eat.

18. This is your true meaning of devastation.

19. This is your most exciting moment.

20. When someone asks what you do for fun, you're honest.

21. You believe that everyone belongs in the kitchen. There's food in there!

22. You're either hungry or more hungry.

23. Food means a whole lot to you.

24. Traveling is great, but this is where you're going first.

25. You consider this so painful.

26. Food is the ultimate way to your heart.

27. You are always down to eat.

28. You use logic when trying to eat healthier.

29. You resent people who try to eat your food.

30. Sometimes you won't eat all day just so you can enjoy your food more.

31. This is a text you get from someone you love.

32. This seems logical to you.

33. You + Bacon = Happiness

34. Your relationship status.

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