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30 Adorable Dogs Dressed Like Tacos

Two of our favorite things combined.

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1. "What do you mean you have a craving for tacos?"

2. "Do you think I overdid it on the lettuce?"

3. "We're about to make some guacamole."

4. "Put me down, human. I'm not for consumption."

5. "I could get used to this look."

6. "I hope nobody sees me like this."

7. "I think I had one too many margaritas."

8. "Do I get to eat the costume later?"

9. "This is nacho business."

10. "Am I enjoying this? The answer is NO!"

11. "Do I look as delicious as I feel?"

12. "But I thought I was going to be a burrito!"

13. "Don't tell anyone, but I don't even like tacos."

14. "Just take the damn picture."

15. "I'm feeling a little insecure about my shell."

16. "I love taco Tuesdays."

18. "I know I'm cute, but please don't eat me."

19. "Where's the hot sauce?"

20. "This is just as uncomfortable as it looks."

21. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

22. "I think this taco really brings out my eyes, don't you?"

23. "You said if I agreed to wear this I'd get to eat an actual taco."

24. "How do I look? Be honest."

25. "So...can I take this off yet?"

26. "I forgot to wear something underneath the shell!"

28. "Are you ready for a fiesta?"

30. "I could be the new Taco Bell dog!"
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