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26 Dogs Who Depend On Coffee As Much As We Do

Canines love their coffee, too!

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2. "I'm you don't drink coffee?"

3. "You looked tired, so I brought you some coffee."

4. "I always start my day with a cappuccino and a good read."

5. "Don't even look at me until I've had my coffee."

6. "Oh, was that supposed to be for you?"

7. "Coffee isn't just a necessity; it's a lifestyle."

8. "My human got this coffee mug just for me."

9. "I wonder how people survived before coffee."

10. "I didn't add enough sugar."

11. "Wow, the barista must really like me."

12. "I told them extra whip, but I think they overdid it."

13. "There's a lot that I need to accomplish today. But first, coffee."

14. "I still don't get why we have to be up so early."

15. "I probably shouldn't have ordered a large."

16. "This is my morning ritual."

18. "This is my third cup today."

19. "Caffeine always puts a smile on my face."

20. "You're too late! Just go on without me."

21. "Just made my daily Starbucks run."

22. "The barista spelled my name correctly this time!"

23. "My coffee has to be French press."

24. "You're just in time! I'm about to brew a fresh pot."

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