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26 Adorable Dogs Who Are Slaying The Fall Fashion Game

Scarf game on point.

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1. "I think the glasses really complete this look."

2. "I just can't wait to get my paws on a PSL."

3. "When you're this small, a scarf can double as a blanket."

5. "Human, why you do this to me?"

6. "Go ahead and say it. I'm adorable."

7. "I'm partial to Burberry."

8. "My human says this color really makes my eyes pop."

9. "But this scarf is bigger than I am..."

10. "Are you taking me pumpkin picking?"

11. "What's the meaning of this?"

12. "I can't help being classy."

13. "If I wear this thing, can we snuggle?"

14. "Yep. Red is my color."

15. "You think the retriever down the road will think I'm cute?"

16. "I could totally model for J.Crew."

17. "We should go out. I look cute tonight."

18. "Infinity scarves are the only scarves."

19. "Can I pull off the stripes?"

20. "You told me there were treats. This was a total setup."

21. "I'm going for that ~trendy professor~ look."

22. "He called me basic..."

23. "My human says it makes me look festive."

24. "You knitted this just for me?"

25. "I just love this weather and these leaves."

26. "I think I'm officially a fan of scarves."

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