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    22 Micro Pigs Who Are Having A Better Day Than You

    These adorable micro pigs are having better days than us (and they're possibly more talented, too!)

    1. This little guy who is thoroughly enjoying his ice cream cone at a tiny picnic table just for him.

    2. This pretty lady appreciating how great she looks in that fabulous tutu.

    3. This guy who is all set to celebrate with his friends (he's bringing the beer!)

    4. This birthday pig who can have his cake and eat it, too!

    5. This party pig about to sip some champagne during the day. Are we jealous yet?

    6. These two little piggies who just finished the color run!

    7. This guy who is ready to impress with his great guitar skills. Perhaps the new John Mayer of micro pigs.

    8. This wild wild west pig (the cowboy look is really working for him!)

    9. These two buddies just enjoying a little basketball.

    10. This pretty princess pig and her many wands.

    11. This pig who we all envy as he casually relaxes in the sun.

    12. This little one who found a strawberry and won't ever let it go.

    13. This guy who just found his new best friend.

    14. These four friends hanging out and playing piano (who knew they were so musically inclined?)

    15. This guy who just discovered a flip phone (now he can play snake!)

    16. These two ladies enjoying some tea together.

    17. This family of pigs showing off their new wheelbarrow.

    18. This little one enjoying a nice bath in a puddle complete with a yellow rubber duck.

    19. These sassy best friends taking a ride in their fab pink basket.

    20. This impressive little guy ready to serenade us with his violin.

    21. This sleepy pig who is resting after a long day of baseball.

    22. And finally, these three cuties who prove that you can still have a great time even when it rains!