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21 Dogs Helping Their Owners Tie The Knot

These are some seriously photogenic pups.

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1. "We'll be there in spirit...and cardboard cutouts."

2. "Let's be honest; I look better than both of you."

3. "He's not the one! Why won't you listen to me!?"

4. "Just smile and try not to look bored."

5. "Okay, you need to back up off my man."

6. "I just came here to look cute."

7. "When do you think they'll let us down?"

8. "This is great! From now on I get double the attention!"

9. "I'm so glad we decided on a beach wedding."

10. "Did you see her hair though!?"

11. "They say three's a crowd. What do they say about five?"

12. "Bro, I just realized that I really have to poop."

13. "Thank God it's over! Let's get the hell out of here!"

14. "Can we talk about the fact that I basically blend in with this wall?"

15. "These flowers smell like crap."

16. "I actually don't though..."

17. "I feel like a proud parent."

19. "Go ahead and say it: you may now kiss the dog!"

20. "I love you guys, too!"

21. "Just for the record, I'm totally against this wedding."

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