18 Adorable Dogs Who Are So Ready For Fall

These pups are totally down to go pumpkin picking with you.

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1. "Got my fall starter kit: scarf and PSL!"

2. "Fall is my favorite! Mom personalized this pumpkin just for me."

3. "Finally, sweater weather!"

4. "It's so much more fun to accessorize in the fall."

5. "On a scale of 1-10 how basic do I look?"

6. "Is this seriously how you people dress for fall?"

7. "I have to wait HOW long before carving this thing???"

8. "This is pretty much my idea of fall fashion."

9. "Do I look like I live for any other season?"

10. "I'm really just excited to wear hats again."

11. "I'll never understand people's obsession with these things."

12. "Give me pumpkin everything forever."

13. "Bring on the cold weather."

14. "I just love it when the leaves change color, don't you?"

15. "You wanna come apple picking with me?"

16. "Are these all for me?"

17. "Huge Halloween fan over here."

18. "My advice for fall? Stay warm; look cool."
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