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18 Dogs Who Share Your Enthusiasm For Wine

Who doesn't love a glass of vino after a ruff day?

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1. "You know that wine helps me fall asleep at night. Don't judge me."

2. "What do you mean this is the last bottle?"

3. "Do you think I bought enough?"

4. "Screw the tennis ball! Give me the wine!"

5. "Hey, did you just pour a glass without me?!"

7. "Are you really going to waste that classic red on her?"

8. "WHAT? I swear this is only my second glass."

9. "You're telling me that ALL of these are filled with WINE???"

10. "It's a Pinot and Glamour kind of night."

11. "Hey, any chance you could drive me home tonight?"

12. "No, really, you shouldn't have!"

13. "Seriously, guys, I'm not even drunk..."

14. "Can't you see that this glass is empty?"

15. "What are you talking about? This is grape juice!"

17. "I can't hang like I used to."

18. "You look like you've had a ruff week. Here's some wine."

Obviously, you should never actually give your pet alcohol. It's deadly.

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