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14 Adorable Pups Who Love "Harry Potter" As Much As You

The most adorable Potterheads you'll ever see.

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1. "I'm the real Harry Potter, but it's a secret."

2. "These glasses are all sorts of wrong on me."

3. "I'm actually just here because my human likes Harry Potter."

4. "I love my Gryffindor scarf!"

5. "I want it on record that I was forced into this."

6. "These glasses are a bit much if you ask me."

7. "Do I get points for being cute?"

8. "No one was supposed to see me like this."

9. "Dude, these capes are awesome."

10. "I look just like Harry!"

11. "This looks more like a duster than a broom."

12. "I'm missing the famous scar, but everything else looks good, right?"

13. "Have you even read the books?"

14. "My mom made this scarf just for me."
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