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14 Dogs Who Totally Get Your Coffee Addiction

Because waking up in the morning is ruff.

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1. "Could you pour a little faster?"

Instagram: @mycaninelife

2. "This is only my first cup of the day. Do not approach me."

Instagram: @itsdougthepug

3. "Pretty coffee just tastes better."

Instagram: @popeyethefoodie

6. "I really can't open my eyes till after the first cup."

Instagram: @pupsncoffee

7. "I got stood up for a coffee date, but the good news is now I get to drink both."

Instagram: @ourdarlingdoodle

8. "Coffee is part of a balanced breakfast!"

Instagram: @williecute

10. "Realistically, coffee is the only way I'll leave the house today."

Instagram: @piggyandpolly

11. "What do you mean there's no more?!"

Instagram: @sancho_el_chancho

12. "These are both for me, so get your own."

Instagram: @bingandwalter

14. "One of those is for me, right?"

Instagram: @pupsncoffee

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