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13 Adorable Dogs Hanging Out In Teepees

These pooches are chillin' in style.

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1. "I don't get how there could be so many stripes in one photo."

2. "Do I look as cute in this teepee as I think I do?"

3. "We feel like we're really connecting with nature out here."

4. "People need to stop asking if I'm a dog or a teddy bear."

5. "I asked my owner for a space in the house I could call my own. I wasn't disappointed."

6. "Nope. Teepees are not for me."

8. "This was initially meant for the baby, but I cleared that up quickly."

9. "I got this teepee for my birthday."

10. "Still not too sure about this thing..."

11. "We're having a slumber party! Mom bought us matching pajamas!"

12. "So much better than a typical doghouse."

13. "We could get used to this."
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