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Friends Do Come, And They WILL Go

What to do when "friends" say, "Just Go!"

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I was in the 5th grade when I realized I wouldn't be a very cool person to talk to. I'm pretty loud and that was an excuse for people to laugh at me, especially about my nose.

Today, I am a second year student in college. and sadly, I lost a group of friends. This time, I know, I am not the problem. Words have been put in my mouth and quite frankly, people hate it when the truth is told to their face. In my case I wasn't told exactly what I did. But now that I see it, they never really cared for me.

When a "friend" tells you to leave them alone, do it. Have dignity for yourself. Because now that I'm reflecting upon it, I consider that I lost my dignity because I was begging for an answer. I wanted to know what I did. But I wasn't told since the beginning. But know that even if your'e actually trying and one doesn't want to tell you what is going on, they want to let go and because they're being a coward.

In my case today, I wasn't told what I did in detail. It was just mocking. A friend owed me money and she threw it. Did I want to pick up a fight? Not exactly, until she pushed me out of a room.

So, what to do? Just let a person go and do something for yourself. Always make a list on why this person was great and make a list on their flaws. There many not be any, but if you analyze, you'll figure something out.

Sometimes, when you're labeled as a bully by someone, don't take it personal. If you do, you'll drain yourself into that thought and not want to start new. Talk more to people in your class. Go out to school clubs, but the goal is to TALK. If you don't talk to someone, it'll hurt a bit. But, you need to take initiative and move on. Try to prove to the people who label you as a bully to not think of you that way. So what if you're throwing shade, it's who you are. There's probably a reason why you do so. Maybe this person hurt you in the past. But instead of throwing shade, make it awkward for someone because that's something that'll keep them feeling shitty of themselves.

I once told a friend a concern. I had told her a mutual friend and I were going to hang out but my friend's boyfriend and her were practically making out, making me feel a bit weird at the situation. Her response was "Se pasan," translation, they go over board. My words were changed and I honestly felt uncomfortable on the concern, so I told my friend that what I felt. She gave me advice. But according to the friend I had, that wasn't what I said. I said more than just that. In cases like those, always try to jot down what you said or even record yourself, because the friend I told all this to, changed the entire dialogue when I know what I said.

The friend that was making out with her boyfriend also seemed a bit fake. We had the plan to go out and I was going to surprise her with cheesecake. But I was ignored for 2 hours about going (and I was inviting her boyfriend to come join us) but she refused and made out. Things like that shouldn't be reasons why you should stick around. If that happens to you, do what I did, ignore. Because your time is being wasted and not just that, but your also your good intentions are being put at a certain risk.

My advice is this, as a college student, join clubs. They help you expand and create new friendships. If you're in high school, talk to other people even if you're stereotyped as someone annoying . Talk to the older students because they'll be willing to give you a hand. Talk to the "weirdo" everyone hates, because at the end of the day, a little company is what helps people.

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