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    These Genius Pizza Muffins Want To Fuel Your Next Netflix Marathon

    Snack game: Real strong.

    Behold: PIZZA MUFFINS.

    John Gara / BuzzFeed

    Let us examine their merits, shall we?

    1) They look damn good.

    2) They're cheap and insanely easy to make.

    3) They're ready in 20 minutes.

    (AKA: Perfect for those lazy weekends when you don't wanna pony up $12 + tip for delivery.)

    To make them, you only need four ingredients:

    John Gara / BuzzFeed

    Biscuit dough, marinara sauce, shredded cheese, and pepperoni.

    Start by dividing the dough into 8 pieces. Then place those pieces into a greased muffin tin:

    John Gara / BuzzFeed

    Press the center of each one down a bit, to form a space for the sauce.

    Scoop a spoonful of sauce onto each piece:

    John Gara / BuzzFeed

    Add shredded cheese and pepperonis:

    John Gara / BuzzFeed

    You could also try pre-cooked bacon or sausage. Go wild with the toppings, really. THIS IS YOUR TIME.

    Then bake them in the oven at 350°.

    John Gara / BuzzFeed

    After about 15 minutes, they'll look like this:

    John Gara / BuzzFeed

    And you'll be able to do this...

    John Gara / BuzzFeed

    While simultaneously doing this...


    And all will be right in the world.

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    Watch the full step-by-step video here:

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