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Where's The Best Place To Shop For Clothes If You're Under 5'4?

We want to know!

Real talk: If you're under 5'4, finding clothes that fit ~perfectly~ off the rack can range from tough...

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

To nearly impossible:

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^We've all been here.^

But it doesn't have to be that way.


There are a ton of clothing brands out there with entire sections dedicated to the 5'4-and-under club:

Compared to the cut of standard items, you’ll often find shorter inseams or slimmer silhouettes.

The same goes for retailers that specialize in petite-friendly accessories:

The Little Bra Company carries bras starting in 28A, and Pretty Small carries shoes starting in size 2.

And depending on the fit you're looking for, some brands have kids' lines that might actually fit you better than the stuff for adults:

Jean Wang /

With some — like Old Navy or J. Crew's Crewcuts — the larger kids sizes can be interchangeable with the smaller petite ones.

So tell us: What's YOUR favorite place to shop when you want to find petite-friendly clothes? / @taylorswift

Shoutout to Lena.

Share in the comments below and your suggestion might be featured in a future BuzzFeed post! / @lilbpixie

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