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21 Tees That Understand Your Weekend Priorities

Because you can't spell "weekend plans" without "NAPS."

1. Ahhh, yes — the weekend is finally here.

2. And it was *such* a long week, you know?

3. Luckily, my Saturday and Sunday plans are SET.

Get it here.

4. I have my ~weekend best~ on...

5. I have some adventures in store...

Get it here.

6. And I already feel...

Get it here.

7. Like I'm living my best life.

Get it here.

8. I mean, I'm definitely the bEsT version of myself...

9. On Saturdays and Sundays.

10. I don't have to think about...

11. Waking up super early...

12. Or about that weekday work ~lyfe~...

Get it here.

13. No worries, basically.

14. And it's a beautiful thing.

15. So join me, if you will...

Get it here.

16. In a brief moment of appreciation...

17. For the glory that is Saturday and Sunday.

18. [Bows head; reflects on life]

19. And now, if you'll excuse me...

20. I have a weekend to get back to.

Get it here.

21. Happy weekend!

Get it here.

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