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18 Ways To Transform Leftovers Into New Meals

Cook once, eat three times. (H/T: Cooking Light)

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Meal one: A big batch of roasted veggies — squash, carrots, onions, and sweet potatoes — roast in the oven for a half hour, and the chicken breasts cook on the stovetop in half that time. Recipe here.

Meal two: The roasted veggie mixture — along with plenty of cheese — is stuffed into pre-made dough, then baked, and served with a side of greens. Recipe here.

Meal three: Vegetables + chicken stock + cream + seasoning. Puree away! Recipe here.


Meal one: You'll start by grilling up a pair of tenderloins, which will leave you with enough pork for three different meals. Recipe here.

Meal two: Homemade bánh mi, anyone? Recipe here.

Meal three: A light, flavorful dressing of lime juice, soy sauce, and mint brings everything together. Recipe here.


Meal one: Anchovies (along with red pepper flakes) add a savory depth to the dish, but if you're not an anchovy fan, you can substitute olives. Recipe here.

Meal two: Spaghetti and meatballs, remixed. Recipe here.

Meal three: When in doubt, pile on the mozzarella. Recipe here.


Meal one: Using store-bought rotisserie chicken means the couscous mixture — with cheese and fresh herbs — comes together quickly. Then it's stuffed into peppers and broiled for three minutes. Recipe here.

Meal two: Toss the leftover broiled peppers into a food processor — along with lemon juice, cream, almonds, and parsley — and you've got a delicious romesco sauce. Recipe here.

Meal three: The other leftover peppers go into the blender and form the base of a Mexican-inspired chowder. Recipe here.


Meal one: Shrimp cook in a flash, so even a big batch like this one — that will yield enough for a trio of meals — is done fairly quickly. Recipe here.

Meal two: Once the noodles are cooked, the stir fry mixture — leftover shrimp, vegetables, cashews, and an easy DIY sauce — practically makes itself. Recipe here.

Meal three: Greens on greens? Check. Recipe here.

Meal one: Wheat berries are grains, and if you've never tried them before, an easy summer salad is a great introduction to them. Recipe here.

Meal two: #SauteEverything2015. Recipe here.

Meal three: A wheatberry-and-feta mixture makes this salad filling and hearty enough for dinner. Recipe here.

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