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21 Impossibly Adorable Wedding Day Dogs

Bride's best friend.

Kelly and John Ginn /

1. This little guy who agrees that dress is definitely ~the one~.

True Photography Weddings /

2. This pal who's been practicing this pose in the mirror for weeks:

Alex Bee /

3. This one who wants to be extra careful not to smudge your lipstick:

Kelly and John Ginn /

4. And this one who wants to remind you that you've totally got this:

Amanda Tipton /

5. This one who's gonna guard these heels until you're ready for them:

Sarah Dickerson /

6. This pair who, on a day like this, isn't sure whether to laugh or cry.

Erin Leigh /

7. This one who's feeling especially sentimental now that the big day is finally here:

Leila Brewster /

8. And this one who literally did not know that it was possible to feel *this* excited:

Shannon Michele /

9. This one who's got one hell of a toast prepared for later:

10. This one who's never met an open bar he didn't like:

Laura Segall /

11. This one who was trying so hard to keep it together*:

Rebekah J. Murray /

(*But couldn't.)

12. This one who takes his ring-bearing duties very seriously:

Kelly and John Ginn /

13. This one who's just thrilled to be along for the ride:

Justin Marantz /

14. This one who's having a hard time letting go:

Nicole Ryan /

15. This one who wants to get the logistics settled first:

Amanda Tipton /

16. These pals who are already eyeing the bridal bouquet:

17. This one who's reflecting on the gravity of saying "I do":

Erin Leigh /

18. And this one who (let's be honest) is just here for the food:

True Photography Weddings /

19. This one who, quite simply, loves love:

True Photography Weddings /

20. This one who has really taken a liking to this whole bow tie thing:

Dottie Photography /

21. And this one who couldn't be prouder to now be a party of three:

Britt Croft Photography /

The image in #21 originally appeared with an incorrect photo credit. The correct credit is Britt Croft Photography.

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