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    17 Useful Wedding Cheat Sheets For Any Bride-To-Be

    :: pins everything immediately ::

    1. For when you need a start-to-finish to-do list:

    See the full checklist at PopSugar.

    2. For when you're figuring out dress basics:

    3. And favorite fabrics:

    Find even more wedding dress explainers here.

    4. And for when you actually start shopping:

    Natalie Brown /

    Full guide here.

    5. For when you're breaking down your budget:

    Find budget breakdown sheets for for everything from attire to stationery here.

    6. For when you're looking to cut costs:

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    Real-life advice from newlyweds who came in below budget here.

    7. For when you're DIY'ing the decor:

    Chris Ritter /

    More printables here.

    8. For when you're choosing a photographer:

    9. And for when you're prepping the shot list:


    Tons of photo ideas here.

    10. For when you're building your playlists:

    Christina Lu /

    Several playlists — for every moment of the wedding day — here.

    11. For when you're deciding on food:

    Jenny Chang /

    Feast-worthy Ideas from couples who ~dared to dream~ here.

    12. And cake:

    13. For when you're figuring out flowers:

    14. And seasonality:

    15. For All Things Rings:

    16. For when you're setting up your registry:

    Registry hacks here.

    17. And for (awesome) downtime on the big day:


    More here.