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    7 Ways To Eat Healthier This Week

    From snacks to swaps.

    1. For Meatless Monday, swap beef burgers for protein-packed veggie ones.

    These are made with black beans, quinoa, and butternut squash. This recipe makes 16 patties, but you can easily halve it or freeze and store the leftovers.

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    2. Learn how to easily extend the fridge life of your favorite greens — and get more healthy bang for your buck.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    Storing leafy greens with paper towels can help them stay drier longer. That's because the paper towels act by absorbing excess moisture over time. This trick also works with things like berries, and can help you cut down on wilted-too-soon produce you might otherwise throw away.

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    3. To go with those greens: Whip up a lighter homemade version of your favorite salad dressing.

    This Caesar dressing recipe uses Greek yogurt as a base.

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    4. If you're vegan — or if you're just looking to try new things in the kitchen — start using aquafaba.

    Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

    Aquafaba — or the liquid inside a can of chickpeas — is a ~magic juice~ of sorts, and can actually be used in place of eggs in recipes for breakfasts, desserts, drinks, and more. Learn more about how you can incorporate it into your kitchen routine here.

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    5. To best combat hanger in between meals, always have a stash of (effective!) snacks on hand.

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    There's a reason why certain snacks — like portioned cheeses and nuts — are better at keeping you full and satisfied. Learn more here.

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    6. And alternatively, know which snacks to skip as well.

    Marissa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

    We asked a registered dietician to talk us through some of the most common snacks that aren't always as healthy as they seem. Read more here.

    7. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this better-for-you peanut butter pie: the no-bake filling is just PB + bananas + almond milk + vanilla + dark chocolate chips.

    Pureed bananas lend some extra creaminess, and you won't even have to turn on the oven. Recipe here.

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